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How to Use the Calculator with Unknown Genes: If you have unknown genes, first enter in all the unknowns as if they were dominant. The results will tell you the colors you will definately get from your gerbil pair. Then, go back and enter in all the unknown genes as recessive. This will tell you the complete list of might-be-possible colors.

Spotting Note: Spotting (Sp) is a dominant gene and only requires one gene to express this trait. When the gene is homozygous or double spotted (SpSp) it is lethal in utero and absorbed without harm by the mother. This causes no apparent reduction in litter size. When breeding a spotted (Spsp) to a non-spotted (spsp) the pups will be roughly 50% spotted and 50% non-spotted. When breeding a spotted (Spsp) to a spotted (Spsp) 25% of the pups are double spotted (SpSp) and absorbed by the mother, 50% are spotted (Spsp) and 25% are non-spotted. This makes the live born pup ratio 67% spotted and 33% non-spotted.

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